CCA offers the opportunity for a tour, clsssroom observation, and question/answer time prior to the Admissions/Application process.

 Steps to Admission

  • Complete and submit application along with application fee (See the download section below for application and information).
  • Upon receipt and review,  applicant will be contacted to schedule a Family Interview.
  • Upon acceptance to CCA, registration fee will be due and student will be officially enrolled.

Umbrella Program

 For those who choose to exclusively home-school, CCA offers an Umbrella program.  See the download section below for application and information.

Financial Aid



Tuition and Fee Schedule
New Student Application Fee: This is a non-refundable application fee for each new family application.
 $195 per family (Application Fee)

Returning Family Re-enrollment Fee:This is a non-refundable fee to be paid in full at time of re-enrollment.
 February $75 per family
 March $125 per family
  April $150 per family
  May-August $175 per family

Registration Fee: To be paid in full at the time of re-enrollment and/or new student’s acceptance to CCA. A student is not guaranteed placement until the registration fee is paid and a financial agreement signed with the business office. Fees are per student and are non-refundable.

 * K4-5th Grade     February $125 (returning students only)

                                  March $150 (open enrollment for new and returning students begins)
                                  April $175 May-August $200
 * 6th-12th Grade February $150 (returning students only)          

                                  March $175 (open enrollment for new and returning students begins)
                                  April $225 May $250

Tuition Fees:
​ * Preschool/K4 T-W- F, 8:10 – 1:35 $2,450
 * Elementary/K5-5th grade T-W- F, 8:10– 1:35 $2,950
 * Middle School/6th-8th grade T-W- F, 8:10 – 2:00 $3,100
 * High School/9th-12th grade T-W- F, 8:10 – 2:00 $3850
 *​ High School 11th/12th grade class options/tuition (Bible, English, History, Math, Science)
 1 class = $950 2 classes = $1,800 3 classes = $2,500 4 classes = 3,200 5 classes $3,850
Customized Instruction = $350 per class
Multiple Child Discount Rates: (not available for K4 students) 1st child is oldest student.    

2nd child: 5%   3rd child: 10%   4th+ child: 40%

​Payment Plans:  1. Tuition discount of 5% if tuition paid in full by 8/1/2018. 2. Ten (10) equal monthly payments, beginning August 1, 2018 and due the first of each month with the final payment due May 1, 2019. Students enrolled after August 1, 2018, will make first payment at time of enrollment and remaining payments the first of subsequent months.

​Late fees of $20 are due after the 5th of each month. 

Uniform Policy

Why require uniforms?

At CCA, we want to foster an enviornment of respect, studiousness, and Godly modesty.  Uniforms create a professional look that teaches students to focus on studies and increases the sense of belonging to a special organization.

Where can I find CCA uniforms?


Our uniforms are available at...

Educational Outfitters of Knoxville, Tennessee

Open Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM, & Saturday 10AM-3PM

BOGO 1/2 off sales throughout summer

453 Park 40 North Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37923